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  Maitres de la Fraternité Blanche Universelle

" Voici la charte de la nouvelle conscience en version anglaise traduite par Jean F et son amie Beth. Un Grand merci à eux!










                                       2010 towards the superior dimensions of

                                                          Light and Unity



    At the dawn of this new era, a new conscience must come into being.

    Hence, the Masters of the Brotherhood of White Light have brought you a new charter to enable you to accomplish the steps toward ascension which are being established.

    Here it is, an unprecedented consciousness tool to use daily that will bring you into the highest spheres in the search of yourself and of your divine aspects, so that you may return to the unity of before the Fall, man's descent into duality to experience his good and bad tendencies and in order for man to return to better feelings for himself and others.

    So that you understand that Unity exists and that you can come out of the state of duality and from under the karmic wheel governed by it.

    Understand the importance of coming back or going towards that state of absolute.

    Where abandonment doesn't exist, for there was never one.

    Understand that you can choose to accept to be in that unity. Unity of yourself, unity of  others, unity of the whole, generating what it is itself and what you are made of and what all that lives is made of.

    The new consciousness is being here now, its door is opening.

    It leads you to what you have always been looking for since your descent into your terrestrial incarnations, since you willingly chose or were forced to return  into matter to experience this life plane, on this experimental and teaching planet.

    So, here it is, you have the choice.

    You have always had the choice.

    Your light shines on your dark parts.

    Your dark parts come forward to be lit up.

    Do not judge yourself.

    Welcome in love and peace who you are, who you were and who you have been on all planes of existence, in your multidimensionality.

    Respect everyone

    Respect yourself

    Do not think you are superior

    Do not think you are inferior

    You are your I am

    The I am is Unity

    Allow yourself to be beyond who you are

    To complete yourself everywhere you exist

    Do not think you don't have anything to cleanse

    If you are here, it means you have to purify yourself again and again

    So as to reach your absolute

    Your quintessence                                                                                                .../...

   Even if you think you have understood the whole

   And seem to reach it.

   There is so much yet to be discovered

   It is infinite

   God is infinite

   Beyond all you can understand or seem to understand.

   So, be humble

   And make others as precious as yourself

   Do not do to others what you do not want to be done to you

   Do not say of others what you do not want to be said of yourself

   Do not underestimate yourself and do not underestimate others

   Do not criticize yourself and do not criticize them

   Love yourself and love them as they are

   Without wanting to changethem

   This is a poison that leads to power which is not Unity...


   So, here is a tool for you, given by the most luminous lights of life.




                               THE CHARTER OF NEW CONSCIOUSNESS AND UNITY



    “ I...surname and first name (and your soul's names if you know them) make the conscious choice to ascend

       I...surname and first name (and your soul's names) make the choice to show my light and to go further more into my light, into my unity

       I rejoin my unity and the unity of the whole

       I have nothing else to do

       I have nothing else to be

       For I am who I am

      And I am unity

      I am Love

      I am Peace

      I am Mercy

      I am Sternness

      I am Self-abnegation

      I am Patience and Perseverance

      I am Wisdom and Victory

      I am Abundance and Prosperity

      I am Forgiveness and Mercy

      I am the Light of life that settles in me and makes its way for my elevation

     My own seed of life takes shape and expands in me

      It grows to become One

      I am the purification that raises me

      I am the purification that feeds me with light

      I cleanse myself of everything that prevents me from Being

      I go past the spheres of dimensional existence to regain my unity and Unity

      I am Myself beyond my Superior Self

      I am my awakened and awakening Consciousness

      I am my Heart

      And my heart opens up to all life forms in this universe

      Because I open myself and I find myself back in my unity

      So, I open you up,

      I open up all life forms and allow you to rise to your own unity in the unity of the whole

      I wish that all life forms in this universe

      And all life forms in the expanding universes

      Regain their prime and whole Unity.

      Let Peace and the Joy of Being shine forth in me and all around me

      Let them shine forth in all directions to open all Ascension gates

      Of this universe and of everything that lives in it




       I glorify  minerals that I love and thank them

       I glorify plants; I love and thank them

       I glorify animals; I love and thank them

       I glorify Humans; I love and thank them

       I glorify the Angels and Archangels; I love and thank them

       I glorify all Beings in all forms that life has given them, on all planes

      Of this multiverse and I love and thank them

       And I take care of them as they take care of me

       For no one is superior nor inferior to me

       I am in my right place as you are in yours

       As each one is in his right place, at the rank that suits him

       And I respect and honor each one for his true value

       In a fair manner

       In rightful acts

       In rightful thoughts

       In rightful words

       In rightful love

       For I am Righteous among the Righteous

       Chosen among the Chosen ones

       Chosen to Be and to bring the new consciousness on earth and in this universe

       I harmonize with the new terrestrial vibrations of the new consciousness

       I take part in the new terrestrial and universal vibrations of the new consciousness

       And am in the Service of the almighty Most-High, blessed be He !

       Holy, holy, holy is the Most-High

       Holy and Glorious is my Father!

       Thanks to the Divine Mother!

       Glory be to the Holy Son!

        I love myself and Glorify who I am

        For the other is me!

        In this regained unity, I am One with Myself and with You

        With the whole

        Let all living kingdoms find peace and unity through my own unity and peace.

        Glory be to the One!  ”



           We, the Light Masters of the intergalactic White Brotherhood, thank you.

       You can share this text provided you keep its integrity, this line and its origin included; thank    you.